Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 36

This guide will take you through how to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 36. The VirtualBox Guest Additions are a set of device drivers and system software that improve the performance and usability of the operating system. Mouse pointer integration and arbitrary screen solutions are some of the features provided by these VirtualBox Guest Additions.

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 36

  • Update your system.
sudo dnf update
  • Update your system kernel.
sudo dnf update kernel*
  • Reboot to apply changes.
  • Install the following packages after rebooting.
sudo dnf install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms make bzip2 perl libxcrypt-compat

Sample output

Last metadata expiration check: 1:46:25 ago on Fri 10 Jun 2022 11:00:21 PM EAT.
Package gcc-12.1.1-1.fc36.x86_64 is already installed.
Package kernel-headers-5.17.11-300.fc36.x86_64 is already installed.
Package make-1:4.3-7.fc36.x86_64 is already installed.
Package bzip2-1.0.8-11.fc36.x86_64 is already installed.
Package libxcrypt-compat-4.4.28-1.fc36.x86_64 is already installed.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                        Arch     Version                Repo       Size
 dkms                           noarch   3.0.3-2.fc36           fedora     58 k
 kernel-devel                   x86_64   5.17.13-300.fc36       updates    15 M
 perl                           x86_64   4:5.34.1-486.fc36      fedora     18 k
Installing dependencies:
 annobin-docs                   noarch   10.73-1.fc36           updates    90 k
 annobin-plugin-gcc             x86_64   10.73-1.fc36           updates   879 k
 ansible-srpm-macros            noarch   1-5.fc36               updates   7.3 k
 bison                          x86_64   3.8.2-2.fc36           fedora    986 k
 dwz                            x86_64   0.14-2.fc35            fedora    127 k
 efi-srpm-macros                noarch   5-5.fc36               fedora     22 k
 elfutils-libelf-devel          x86_64   0.187-4.fc36           updates    26 k
 flex                           x86_64   2.6.4-10.fc36          fedora    307 k
 fonts-srpm-macros              noarch   1:2.0.5-7.fc36         fedora     27 k
 fpc-srpm-macros                noarch   1.3-5.fc36             fedora    7.6 k
 gcc-c++                        x86_64   12.1.1-1.fc36          updates    13 M
 gcc-plugin-annobin             x86_64   12.1.1-1.fc36          updates    48 k
 ghc-srpm-macros                noarch   1.5.0-6.fc36           fedora    7.7 k
 gnat-srpm-macros               noarch   4-15.fc36              fedora    8.2 k
 go-srpm-macros                 noarch   3.0.15-1.fc36          fedora     26 k
 kernel-srpm-macros             noarch   1.0-14.fc36            fedora    9.1 k
 libstdc++-devel                x86_64   12.1.1-1.fc36          updates   2.3 M
 lua-srpm-macros                noarch   1-6.fc36               fedora    8.5 k
 m4                             x86_64   1.4.19-3.fc36          fedora    296 k
 nim-srpm-macros                noarch   3-6.fc36               fedora    8.3 k
 ocaml-srpm-macros              noarch   6-6.fc36               fedora    7.7 k
 openblas-srpm-macros           noarch   2-11.fc36              fedora    7.4 k
 openssl-devel                  x86_64   1:3.0.3-1.fc36         updates   2.9 M
 package-notes-srpm-macros      noarch   0.4-14.fc36            fedora     11 k
 perl-Algorithm-Diff            noarch   1.2010-5.fc36          fedora     47 k
 perl-Archive-Tar               noarch   2.40-2.fc36            fedora     72 k
 perl-Archive-Zip               noarch   1.68-7.fc36            fedora    106 k
 perl-Attribute-Handlers        noarch   1.01-486.fc36          fedora     32 k
 perl-AutoSplit                 noarch   5.74-486.fc36          fedora     27 k
 perl-Benchmark                 noarch   1.23-486.fc36          fedora     32 k
 perl-CPAN                      noarch   2.34-1.fc36            updates   558 k
 perl-CPAN-Meta                 noarch   2.150010-479.fc36      fedora    176 k
 perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements    noarch   2.140-481.fc36         fedora     31 k
 perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML            noarch   0.018-480.fc36         fedora     26 k
 perl-Compress-Bzip2            x86_64   2.28-7.fc36            fedora     68 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2        x86_64   2.101-480.fc36         fedora     34 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma         x86_64   2.101-4.fc36           fedora     49 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib         x86_64   2.101-480.fc36         fedora     60 k
 perl-Config-Extensions         noarch   0.03-486.fc36          fedora     17 k
 perl-Config-Perl-V             noarch   0.33-481.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-DBM_Filter                noarch   0.06-486.fc36          fedora     37 k
 perl-DB_File                   x86_64   1.857-1.fc36           fedora     81 k
 perl-Data-OptList              noarch   0.112-3.fc36           fedora     27 k
 perl-Data-Section              noarch   0.200007-15.fc36       fedora     25 k
 perl-Devel-PPPort              x86_64   3.68-1.fc36            fedora    217 k
 perl-Devel-Peek                x86_64   1.30-486.fc36          fedora     37 k
 perl-Devel-SelfStubber         noarch   1.06-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-Devel-Size                x86_64   0.83-11.fc36           fedora     31 k
 perl-Digest-SHA                x86_64   1:6.02-480.fc36        fedora     62 k
 perl-Digest-SHA1               x86_64   2.13-35.fc36           fedora     52 k
 perl-DirHandle                 noarch   1.05-486.fc36          fedora     17 k
 perl-Dumpvalue                 noarch   2.27-486.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-Encode-devel              x86_64   4:3.17-485.fc36        updates    41 k
 perl-English                   noarch   1.11-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-Env                       noarch   1.05-479.fc36          fedora     20 k
 perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder         noarch   1:0.280236-479.fc36    fedora     46 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Command          noarch   2:7.64-2.fc36          fedora     15 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Constant         noarch   0.25-486.fc36          fedora     51 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Embed            noarch   1.35-486.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Install          noarch   2.20-479.fc36          fedora     44 k
 perl-ExtUtils-MM-Utils         noarch   2:7.64-2.fc36          fedora     12 k
 perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker        noarch   2:7.64-2.fc36          fedora    289 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Manifest         noarch   1:1.73-479.fc36        fedora     34 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Miniperl         noarch   1.10-486.fc36          fedora     20 k
 perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS          noarch   1:3.44-2.fc36          fedora    182 k
 perl-File-Compare              noarch   1.100.600-486.fc36     fedora     18 k
 perl-File-Copy                 noarch   2.35-486.fc36          fedora     25 k
 perl-File-DosGlob              x86_64   1.12-486.fc36          fedora     25 k
 perl-File-Fetch                noarch   1.04-1.fc36            fedora     31 k
 perl-File-HomeDir              noarch   1.006-5.fc36           fedora     57 k
 perl-File-Which                noarch   1.27-4.fc36            fedora     22 k
 perl-FileCache                 noarch   1.10-486.fc36          fedora     20 k
 perl-Filter                    x86_64   2:1.60-6.fc36          fedora     81 k
 perl-Filter-Simple             noarch   0.96-479.fc36          fedora     27 k
 perl-FindBin                   noarch   1.52-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-GDBM_File                 x86_64   1:1.19-486.fc36        fedora     35 k
 perl-Hash-Util                 x86_64   0.25-486.fc36          fedora     38 k
 perl-Hash-Util-FieldHash       x86_64   1.21-486.fc36          fedora     43 k
 perl-I18N-Collate              noarch   1.02-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-I18N-LangTags             noarch   0.45-486.fc36          fedora     59 k
 perl-I18N-Langinfo             x86_64   0.19-486.fc36          fedora     27 k
 perl-IO-Compress               noarch   2.102-480.fc36         fedora    256 k
 perl-IO-Compress-Lzma          noarch   2.101-5.fc36           fedora     74 k
 perl-IO-Zlib                   noarch   1:1.11-479.fc36        fedora     19 k
 perl-IPC-Cmd                   noarch   2:1.04-480.fc36        fedora     40 k
 perl-IPC-SysV                  x86_64   2.09-480.fc36          fedora     42 k
 perl-IPC-System-Simple         noarch   1.30-7.fc36            fedora     40 k
 perl-Importer                  noarch   0.026-5.fc36           fedora     39 k
 perl-JSON-PP                   noarch   1:4.07-2.fc36          fedora     66 k
 perl-Locale-Maketext           noarch   1.29-480.fc36          fedora     94 k
 perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple    noarch   1:0.21-486.fc36        fedora     23 k
 perl-MIME-Charset              noarch   1.012.2-16.fc36        fedora     48 k
 perl-MRO-Compat                noarch   0.15-2.fc36            fedora     26 k
 perl-Math-BigInt               noarch   1:1.9998.30-1.fc36     updates   199 k
 perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalc      x86_64   0.501.200-2.fc36       fedora     28 k
 perl-Math-BigRat               noarch   0.2622-1.fc36          updates    41 k
 perl-Math-Complex              noarch   1.59-486.fc36          fedora     52 k
 perl-Memoize                   noarch   1.03-486.fc36          fedora     61 k
 perl-Module-Build              noarch   2:0.42.31-11.fc36      fedora    254 k
 perl-Module-CoreList           noarch   1:5.20220527-1.fc36    updates    84 k
 perl-Module-CoreList-tools     noarch   1:5.20220527-1.fc36    updates    19 k
 perl-Module-Load               noarch   1:0.36-479.fc36        fedora     17 k
 perl-Module-Load-Conditional   noarch   0.74-479.fc36          fedora     22 k
 perl-Module-Loaded             noarch   1:0.08-486.fc36        fedora     18 k
 perl-Module-Metadata           noarch   1.000037-479.fc36      fedora     35 k
 perl-Module-Signature          noarch   0.88-2.fc36            fedora     83 k
 perl-NEXT                      noarch   0.68-486.fc36          fedora     26 k
 perl-Net                       noarch   1.02-486.fc36          fedora     30 k
 perl-Net-Ping                  noarch   2.74-479.fc36          fedora     49 k
 perl-ODBM_File                 x86_64   1.17-486.fc36          fedora     27 k
 perl-Object-HashBase           noarch   0.009-8.fc36           fedora     25 k
 perl-Opcode                    x86_64   1.50-486.fc36          fedora     41 k
 perl-Package-Generator         noarch   1.106-24.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-Params-Check              noarch   1:0.38-479.fc36        fedora     22 k
 perl-Params-Util               x86_64   1.102-6.fc36           fedora     33 k
 perl-Perl-OSType               noarch   1.010-480.fc36         fedora     23 k
 perl-PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint    noarch   0.09-479.fc36          fedora     22 k
 perl-Pod-Checker               noarch   4:1.75-1.fc36          updates    32 k
 perl-Pod-Functions             noarch   1.13-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-Pod-Html                  noarch   1.27-486.fc36          fedora     32 k
 perl-Safe                      noarch   2.43-486.fc36          fedora     30 k
 perl-Search-Dict               noarch   1.07-486.fc36          fedora     18 k
 perl-SelfLoader                noarch   1.26-486.fc36          fedora     27 k
 perl-Software-License          noarch   0.104001-2.fc36        fedora    129 k
 perl-Sub-Exporter              noarch   0.988-3.fc36           fedora     72 k
 perl-Sub-Install               noarch   0.928-30.fc36          fedora     22 k
 perl-Sys-Hostname              x86_64   1.23-486.fc36          fedora     22 k
 perl-Sys-Syslog                x86_64   0.36-480.fc36          fedora     48 k
 perl-Term-Complete             noarch   1.403-486.fc36         fedora     18 k
 perl-Term-ReadLine             noarch   1.17-486.fc36          fedora     24 k
 perl-Term-Size-Perl            x86_64   0.031-13.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-Term-Table                noarch   0.016-2.fc36           fedora     35 k
 perl-Test                      noarch   1.31-486.fc36          fedora     33 k
 perl-Test-Harness              noarch   1:3.44-1.fc36          updates   268 k
 perl-Test-Simple               noarch   3:1.302190-1.fc36      fedora    525 k
 perl-Text-Abbrev               noarch   1.02-486.fc36          fedora     17 k
 perl-Text-Balanced             noarch   2.04-479.fc36          fedora     48 k
 perl-Text-Diff                 noarch   1.45-14.fc36           fedora     41 k
 perl-Text-Glob                 noarch   0.11-16.fc36           fedora     13 k
 perl-Text-Template             noarch   1.60-2.fc36            fedora     60 k
 perl-Thread                    noarch   3.05-486.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-Thread-Queue              noarch   3.14-479.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-Thread-Semaphore          noarch   2.13-486.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-Tie                       noarch   4.6-486.fc36           fedora     36 k
 perl-Tie-File                  noarch   1.06-486.fc36          fedora     48 k
 perl-Tie-Memoize               noarch   1.1-486.fc36           fedora     19 k
 perl-Tie-RefHash               noarch   1.40-479.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-Time                      noarch   1.03-486.fc36          fedora     23 k
 perl-Time-HiRes                x86_64   4:1.9767-480.fc36      fedora     57 k
 perl-Time-Piece                x86_64   1.3401-486.fc36        fedora     46 k
 perl-Unicode-Collate           x86_64   1.31-1.fc36            fedora    737 k
 perl-Unicode-Normalize         x86_64   1.28-479.fc36          fedora     91 k
 perl-Unicode-UCD               noarch   0.75-486.fc36          fedora     83 k
 perl-User-pwent                noarch   1.03-486.fc36          fedora     25 k
 perl-autodie                   noarch   2.34-480.fc36          fedora     94 k
 perl-autouse                   noarch   1.11-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-bignum                    noarch   0.65-1.fc36            updates    50 k
 perl-blib                      noarch   1.07-486.fc36          fedora     17 k
 perl-debugger                  noarch   1.60-486.fc36          fedora    139 k
 perl-deprecate                 noarch   0.04-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-devel                     x86_64   4:5.34.1-486.fc36      fedora    677 k
 perl-diagnostics               noarch   1.37-486.fc36          fedora    216 k
 perl-doc                       noarch   5.34.1-486.fc36        fedora    4.7 M
 perl-encoding                  x86_64   4:3.00-485.fc36        updates    63 k
 perl-encoding-warnings         noarch   0.13-486.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-experimental              noarch   0.027-1.fc36           fedora     22 k
 perl-fields                    noarch   2.27-486.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-filetest                  noarch   1.03-486.fc36          fedora     20 k
 perl-inc-latest                noarch   2:0.500-21.fc36        fedora     24 k
 perl-less                      noarch   0.03-486.fc36          fedora     18 k
 perl-libnetcfg                 noarch   4:5.34.1-486.fc36      fedora     21 k
 perl-local-lib                 noarch   2.000029-1.fc36        updates    67 k
 perl-locale                    noarch   1.10-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 perl-macros                    noarch   4:5.34.1-486.fc36      fedora     16 k
 perl-meta-notation             noarch   5.34.1-486.fc36        fedora     15 k
 perl-open                      noarch   1.12-486.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-perlfaq                   noarch   5.20210520-479.fc36    fedora    374 k
 perl-ph                        x86_64   5.34.1-486.fc36        fedora     47 k
 perl-sigtrap                   noarch   1.09-486.fc36          fedora     21 k
 perl-sort                      noarch   2.04-486.fc36          fedora     18 k
 perl-srpm-macros               noarch   1-43.fc36              fedora    8.4 k
 perl-threads                   x86_64   1:2.26-449.fc36        fedora     57 k
 perl-threads-shared            x86_64   1.62-479.fc36          fedora     44 k
 perl-utils                     noarch   5.34.1-486.fc36        fedora     60 k
 perl-version                   x86_64   8:0.99.29-5.fc36       fedora     63 k
 perl-vmsish                    noarch   1.04-486.fc36          fedora     19 k
 python-srpm-macros             noarch   3.10-17.fc36           fedora     26 k
 qt5-srpm-macros                noarch   5.15.3-1.fc36          fedora    8.1 k
 redhat-rpm-config              noarch   221-1.fc36             updates    66 k
 rpmautospec-rpm-macros         noarch   0.2.6-1.fc36           updates   8.3 k
 rust-srpm-macros               noarch   21-1.fc36              fedora    9.2 k
 sombok                         x86_64   2.4.0-16.fc36          fedora     47 k
 systemtap-sdt-devel            x86_64   4.7-1.fc36             updates    71 k
 zlib-devel                     x86_64   1.2.11-31.fc36         fedora     44 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo         noarch   0.12-24.fc36           fedora     14 k
 perl-Encode-Locale             noarch   1.05-22.fc36           fedora     19 k
 perl-Term-Size-Any             noarch   0.002-36.fc36          fedora     13 k
 perl-Unicode-LineBreak         x86_64   2019.001-12.fc36       fedora    120 k

Transaction Summary
Install  201 Packages

Total download size: 52 M
Installed size: 165 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
(1/201): dkms-3.0.3-2.fc36.noarch.rpm                                                    107 kB/s |  58 kB     00:00    
(2/201): dwz-0.14-2.fc35.x86_64.rpm                                                      171 kB/s | 127 kB     00:00    
(3/201): efi-srpm-macros-5-5.fc36.noarch.rpm                                             104 kB/s |  22 kB     00:00    
(4/201): fonts-srpm-macros-2.0.5-7.fc36.noarch.rpm                                       443 kB/s |  27 kB     00:00    
(5/201): fpc-srpm-macros-1.3-5.fc36.noarch.rpm                                           304 kB/s | 7.6 kB     00:00    
(6/201): ghc-srpm-macros-1.5.0-6.fc36.noarch.rpm                                         125 kB/s | 7.7 kB     00:00    
(7/201): gnat-srpm-macros-4-15.fc36.noarch.rpm                                           190 kB/s | 8.2 kB     00:00  
  • Create an environment variable for the kernel directory.
KERN_DIR=/usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`
  • Next export the kernel directory environment variable.
export KERN_DIR
  • Mount Virtual Box Guest Additions by clicking on the Devices tab on the VirtualBox then on the drop-down that will display click Insert Guest Additions CD image…
  • Open terminal inside mounted CD image by right-clicking.
  • Then run the following command to install.
sudo ./

Sample output

Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox 6.1.34 Guest Additions for Linux........
VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
This system appears to have a version of the VirtualBox Guest Additions
already installed.  If it is part of the operating system and kept up-to-date,
there is most likely no need to replace it.  If it is not up-to-date, you
should get a notification when you start the system.  If you wish to replace
it with this version, please do not continue with this installation now, but
instead remove the current version first, following the instructions for the
operating system.

If your system simply has the remains of a version of the Additions you could
not remove you should probably continue now, and these will be removed during

Do you wish to continue? [yes or no]
Copying additional installer modules ...
Installing additional modules ...
VirtualBox Guest Additions: Starting.
VirtualBox Guest Additions: Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel 
modules.  This may take a while.
VirtualBox Guest Additions: To build modules for other installed kernels, run
VirtualBox Guest Additions:   /sbin/rcvboxadd quicksetup 
VirtualBox Guest Additions: or
VirtualBox Guest Additions:   /sbin/rcvboxadd quicksetup all
VirtualBox Guest Additions: Building the modules for kernel 
VirtualBox Guest Additions: Running kernel modules will not be replaced until 
the system is restarted
  • Reboot your system to apply changes.
  • It’s a wrap, you have made it to the end of our article. You have gone through how to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 36.

Read more on VirtualBox Documentation

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