Install Pop OS on VirtualBox

In this article, you will learn how to install Pop OS on VirtualBox. Pop OS is a Debian-based Linux distribution developed by System 76. It uses Gnome 3+ desktop environment. Pop OS is open-source and free to use.

You can install packages by using apt, snap, and repository.

Cool features of Pop OS

  • Workflow Customization
  • Auto-Tiling With Pop Shell
  • Workspaces management
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Stacking applications windows
  • Running of development tools for deep-learning, engineering, and media production

Install Pop OS on VirtualBox

Prerequisites for Pop OS

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB storage
  • 64-bit processor
  • Pop OS 20.04 LTS ISO file
  • VirtualBox 6.1 installed

Download Pop OS Image file

Download the latest ISO file from the Pop OS download page.

Alternatively, download the ISO file using wget/curl commands as shown below


Create New VirtualBox VM

Open VirtualBox and click New, type in the name as PopOS, type as Linux, and version as Ubuntu (64-bit)

Select RAM as 2GB then click on create virtual disk now.

On the next prompt, select hard disk file type as VDI(Virtual Disk Image) then select dynamically allocated. On the last screen, enter storage as 16GB.

Enable sharing clipboard (optional)

On the VirtualBox Windows VM, click Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image. Choose Computer > CD Drive, double-click VirtualBox Guest, and complete the installation as given.

Now click on the advanced tab and make sure Shared Clipboard and Drag’n’Drop are selected as bidirectional. This allows to copy between the two operating systems.

Select ISO file

Choose the ISO file under the Settings by selecting Storage on the left panel, click on empty under controller: IDE.

Under the attributes on the right side, click on the disc icon and locate the Pop OS ISO file then click OK.

Install Pop OS on VirtualBox

Select Pop OS and click on Start. The installation will load files you will be prompted to install Pop OS as shown below.

Select English language and press enter or click next.

Keyboard layout

The install wizard will automatically select the English(US) keyboard layout. Press enter to continue with this default selection

Confirm input language and press enter.

Installation type

For installation type, click Clean Install and click next

Select the drive given and click on erase and install

You will then be prompted with a screen with encryption information. I will select choose password but you can select don’t encrypt.

Wait for partitioning and installation to complete as shown below.

Now click on Restart device


The system reboots with the following welcome screen

Next, edit the keyboard layout or leave the defaults

I will skip the Wi-Fi but you can connect to the internet for updates and connectivity. On the next screen, privacy is selected by default

Select the time zone

You can integrate online accounts such as Google services, Facebook etc. but I will skip this.

Now enter your full name and username and click next

Enter your password and click next

Installation is complete! Click on Start using Pop!_OS.

If the installation screen resolution is too small, click at the top right corner and open Pop OS settings. Find Display and set the resolution to 1024×768, then click on keep changes to save. Thereafter, close the settings window.


In this article, you have learned how to install Pop OS on VirtualBox. Read more on Pop OS Blog

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