Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9

This guide will take you through how to install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9. KDE is a desktop environment created by the KDE Community for an integrated set of cross-platform programs that can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS. A completely free desktop environment made with simplicity, accessibility, localization and internationalization in mind.

How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9

  • Update your system using the command below.
sudo dnf update
  • Then install the EPEL repository using the following command.
sudo dnf install epel-release

Sample output

Dependencies resolved.
 Package            Architecture Version          Repository    Size
 epel-release       noarch       9-2.el9          extras        17 k

Transaction Summary
Install  1 Package

Total download size: 17 k
Installed size: 23 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
epel-release-9-2.el9.noarch.rpm       24 kB/s |  17 kB     00:00    
Total                                2.2 kB/s |  17 kB     00:07     
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
  Preparing        :                                             1/1 
  Installing       : epel-release-9-2.el9.noarch                 1/1 
  Running scriptlet: epel-release-9-2.el9.noarch                 1/1 
  Verifying        : epel-release-9-2.el9.noarch                 1/1 


  • Next, enable CRB(PowerTools).
sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb
  • Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9 using the command below.
sudo dnf groupinstall -y "KDE Plasma Workspaces"

Sample output

Rocky Linux 9 - BaseOS               1.4 kB/s | 3.6 kB     00:02    
Rocky Linux 9 - AppStream            2.5 kB/s | 3.6 kB     00:01    
Rocky Linux 9 - CRB                  383 kB/s | 1.9 MB     00:05    
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                    Arch   Version           Repo       Size
Installing group/module packages:
 adwaita-gtk2-theme         x86_64 3.28-14.el9       appstream 136 k
 akregator                  x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      2.0 M
 bluedevil                  x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      352 k
 breeze-icon-theme          noarch 5.90.0-1.el9      epel      4.1 M
 colord-kde                 x86_64 0.5.0-15.el9      epel      208 k
 dolphin                    x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      3.8 M
 firewall-config            noarch 1.0.0-4.el9       appstream  83 k
 gtk2-immodule-xim          x86_64 2.24.33-7.el9     appstream  22 k
 gtk3-immodule-xim          x86_64 3.24.31-2.el9     appstream  24 k
 gwenview                   x86_64 1:21.08.3-1.el9   epel      6.3 M
 ibus-anthy                 x86_64 1.5.13-1.el9      appstream 853 k
 ibus-gtk2                  x86_64 1.5.25-2.el9.rocky.0.1
                                                     appstream  24 k
 ibus-hangul                x86_64 1.5.4-7.el9       appstream  68 k
 ibus-libpinyin             x86_64 1.12.0-5.el9      appstream 975 k
 ibus-libzhuyin             x86_64 1.10.0-4.el9      appstream  10 M
 ibus-m17n                  x86_64 1.4.4-3.el9       appstream  52 k
 ibus-typing-booster        noarch 2.11.0-5.el9      appstream 896 k
 initial-setup-gui          x86_64    appstream  20 k
 kaddressbook               x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      3.1 M
 kamera                     x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel      205 k
 kate                       x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      6.9 M
 kcalc                      x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      612 k
 kcharselect                x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      431 k
 kcolorchooser              x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel       48 k
 kde-gtk-config             x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      100 k
 kde-partitionmanager       x86_64 21.12.0-1.el9     epel      2.2 M
 kde-print-manager          x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      359 k
 kde-settings-pulseaudio    noarch 35.0-2.el9.1      epel      9.5 k
 kdegraphics-thumbnailers   x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel       61 k
 kdeplasma-addons           x86_64 5.23.5-2.el9      epel      1.2 M
 kdialog                    x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      148 k
 kdnssd                     x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel       82 k
 keditbookmarks             x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      331 k
 kf5-akonadi-server         x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      2.4 M
 kf5-akonadi-server-mysql   x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel       11 k
 kf5-baloo-file             x86_64 5.90.0-1.el9      epel      125 k
 kf5-kipi-plugins           x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel      1.2 M
 kfind                      x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      461 k
 kgpg                       x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      3.1 M
 khelpcenter                x86_64 1:21.08.3-1.el9   epel      4.8 M
 khotkeys                   x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      2.0 M
 kinfocenter                x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      1.6 M
 kmag                       x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      820 k
 kmail                      x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      5.8 M
 kmenuedit                  x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      1.1 M
 kmousetool                 x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      244 k
 kmouth                     x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      1.9 M
 konsole5                   x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      904 k
 kontact                    x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      745 k
 korganizer                 x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      1.9 M
 kruler                     x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel      312 k
 kscreen                    x86_64 1:5.23.4-1.el9    epel      279 k
 kscreenlocker              x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      226 k
 ksshaskpass                x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel       49 k
 kwalletmanager5            x86_64 21.04.3-1.el9     epel      992 k
 kwin                       x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel       12 k
 kwrite                     x86_64 21.08.3-1.el9     epel      283 k
 okular                     x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel      4.5 M
 pam-kwallet                x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel       23 k
                            x86_64 2:4.10.0-6.el9    epel      163 k
 plasma-breeze              x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      326 k
 plasma-desktop             x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel       13 M
 plasma-desktop-doc         noarch 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      4.7 M
 plasma-discover            x86_64 5.23.5-2.el9      epel      7.1 M
 plasma-discover-notifier   x86_64 5.23.5-2.el9      epel       76 k
 plasma-drkonqi             x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      872 k
 plasma-nm                  x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      950 k
 plasma-nm-l2tp             x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      121 k
 plasma-nm-openconnect      x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      113 k
 plasma-nm-openswan         x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel       50 k
 plasma-nm-openvpn          x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      209 k
 plasma-nm-pptp             x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel       76 k
 plasma-pa                  x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      292 k
 plasma-systemmonitor       x86_64 5.23.5-1.el9      epel      267 k
 plasma-thunderbolt         x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      152 k
 plasma-workspace           x86_64 5.23.5-2.el9      epel      7.0 M
                            x86_64 5.23.5-2.el9      epel       53 k
 polkit-kde                 x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel       91 k
 qt5-qtbase-gui             x86_64 5.15.2-29.el9     appstream 6.3 M
 qt5-qtdeclarative          x86_64 5.15.2-10.el9     appstream 3.9 M
 sddm                       x86_64 0.19.0-18.el9     epel      664 k
 sddm-breeze                noarch 5.23.5-2.el9      epel      859 k
 sddm-kcm                   x86_64 5.23.4-1.el9      epel      133 k
 spectacle                  x86_64 21.04.2-2.el9     epel      1.3 M
  • After the installation reboot your system.
sudo dnf reboot
  • On the login screen, click on the settings icon then select KDE desktop environment.
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
  • Sample application menu.
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
  • Sample file manager.
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
Install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9
  • You have made it to the end of our article. We have gone through how to install KDE Desktop Environment on Rocky Linux 9.

Read more on KDE Documentation

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